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The Nazism Exposed Project were started in 1996. Its main goal were to document Neo-Nazi movement both on the internet and in the real world, with main focus on groups localized in Europe. Since then, the scope has widened a bit to include facists and extreme nationalists all over the world. The common demominator for all these groups and individuals are their xenophobic world view and an ultra nationalistic protectionistic attitude.

Extremism in any form presents a danger. The danger is in its nature, that is, any form of extremism excludes any opposing views, thereby it grapples the freedom of anyone not marching inline with the extremists. This is a thing that isn't unique to extreme nationalism, but something you'll find with anyone posing extremist views, like extreme left wingers, environmentalists, religious groups and terrorist organizations.

I am often asked why I am only focusing on the "pro-white" groups, while ignoring racism performed by people from other cultures with similar agendas. I have often been given a long list of deeds done by leaders like Stalin, Ariel Sharon and other nutheads, accompanied with statistics which were made in a feeble attempt to portray people with different skin colours as more susceptible to criminal acts. My answer to why I am ignoring this is twofold, firstof, and most importantly, I think that the racism expressed by white is a problem that which primarily white people should have to deal with. Surely the effects of this kind of hate is imposed on typically non-white people, but the hate itself is expressed by white and as a consequence it is our responsibilty to do something about it. Secondly it's the matter of time and localization. Time because I really don't want this to turn into a fulltime job, and localization because I live where I live, and it is easiest to focus on things that happen around me.

Another aspect of my work here is the freedom of speech, which I am a firm believer should be applied for these groups aswell. This belief is founded on the observation that showling them under the blanket has none or mostly negative affects. Another aspect of this is that without their voice, there won't be anyone voicing opinions against them. There will be no counterweight and if subdued they'll be allowed to grow unattended. That being said, the utterings by these individuals should not go on unattended without a proactive effort to limit them. In a sense I think the society needs them, in small numbers, just as a rememberance of the second world war and as someone one can point a finger at and say, "Look at those morons. They're afraid of people with different skin colour, you don't wanna grow up and become like them."

There has been a lot of speculation around the threat posed by these groups, not much has made sense though because the majority of these threat scenarious has focused around the insane ones, streetpunks, getting into a position of actual power. At the moment this is as much likely as Hitler waking up and barking orders again, atleast in any western democratic nation.

As always there are still threat looming, but to look at this you'd have to look at the different kinds of threats. Currently I would say there are 4 different types, the streetpunks (in lack of better name), political parties, religious groups and music/effect sellers.

The streetpunks are currently a threat to the individual immigrant or anyone they might consider enemies crossing their path. In Norway, at the moment, most of these are imprisoned, confined they don't make much of a threat. By around the world you weekly hear about immigrants being attacked by neo-Nazis.

The political parties are in my opinion a worse threat. Their tactic is to smudge their appearance with a clean surface, not wanting anything to do with the streetpunks. Constantly balancing the line of what can be considered acceptable to a larger part of the population, these parties are portrayed as populist right winged parties like front nacionale, vlaams blok, the freedom party and others. When any of these parties get into power, who is to stop the streetpunks?

Religious groups like the national alliance, crosstar and vigrid poses a threat because they've specialized themselves in recruiting young members, much like the streetpunks, but also because these, like the political groups, has an appearance that stands in contrast to the streetpunks. In Norway Vigrid leader Tore W. Tvedt has been traveling around the country baptizing and performing confirmation rituals.

The last group isn't much of a threat in itself, but it fuels the groups above with surpluss and effects. Nazi flags and effects, skinhead music, posters, books, the list goes on. We have also seen people behind these stores organize rallies and concert assembling and recruiting more streetpunks.