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  • The Flux of Change!

    Nazism Exposed   2006-11-09 11:00 by ekran

    I got this mail today from one of my earlier anti-fans:

    "Ages ago I wrote a "hate letter" which was published. I was a young teenager with little in mind other than what puberty and mixed ideals had to offer. Since then so much has happened and I am ashamed of what my beliefs where centered upon. Call it young ignorance and stupidity if you will. Anyhow, I was recently browsing the web and I came upon this old post of mine and it shocked me to see that I actually believed or chose to believe that at such a young age.

    I would like to ask if possible if you would be able to remove it, seeing as its shameful for me and those who I know should they ever stumble upon it. It would be great if you could even replace that post with this current one (if you wish), seeing as I believe there are many others who I hope would fit along with this same description."

    So, what am I trying to convey here? Well, first, I have removed this one letter from the hate mail section, and for the same reason I'm not quoting his entire mail or his name here. My main point is, whatever you are feeling today, whatever truth you uphold or dogma you follow, there is always tomorrow, and there is only one thing that's certain about tomorrow, it will be perceived different. Things change, your opinion or world view are always exposed to the constant influence of your surroundings. Also people growing up usually gain a better understanding of their surroundings and how things connect.

    There will also always be some people who are stuck in the psycho-trauma which neo-nazism represents, but the fact is that most of the youth grow up and either change their views or start beliving in other things. Just think about it, how many 40 year olds are in the neo-Nazi movement? Sure you have a few proclaimed profiters and wannabe leaders, but the fact is that during their 20-ties, most people turn away from this religion of hate.

  • 72 Muslim Workers Barred From Paris Airport!

    Nazism Exposed   2006-11-02 11:48 by ekran

    The French authorities charged with assessing security risks at Charles de Gaulle Airport have stripped 72 Muslim workers of their access badges because they had traveled to Pakistan or Afghanistan, or were suspected of having links to extremists, according to a government official who oversees the airport.

    You can read more about it in NyTimes.

    If this isn't guilty by association, then I don't know what is. The article states that some of the workers are currently working pending an interview, but at any rate it is logical to conclude that not all of the 72 are would be, terrorists, and that those who are not, are wrongly accused only because they share the religion of those would potentially be terrorists.

    I'm also amazed that nobody is seeing the pattern here, it's like everything the world learnt before 11/9-2001 where all suddenly removed from our collective memory. But with the way the world has been going lately, it's probably where we are all headed.

  • For the Easily Amused!

    Nazism Exposed   2006-10-05 11:25 by ekran

    It seems to me that YouTube has created a revolution in distribution of home made video clips (and copyright infringements for that matter.) Much of the material posted there are quite funny actually, and often I get references from friends, on movie clips that are quite funny or otherwise just cool. The clip I am refering to here really aced in showing the long term effects of being a Nazi.


  • Hitler: The Rise of Evil [REVIEW]

    Nazism Exposed   2006-09-14 12:38 by ekran

    In short, Hitler: The Rise of Evil is about Adolf Hitler as a child, his life through the first World War and ascending the ranks of the National German Worker's Party up until he becomes the leader of the country.

    As a person housing general skepticism toward someone trying to tell a story about someone unimaginably cruel, 60-80 years after the actual event has happened, I feel that this movie comes out as fair to less than fair. There are some things in the movie that doesn't seem authentic, and I would advice people to read upon Hitler's entry in the wikipedia before watching the movie.

    I think that the movie, portraying Hitler as a demented lunatic, is doing itself disfavour by not trying to answer any of the questions that people would have about his life. For example, why were the Jews targeted? Why did so many people follow his lunacy? Did they not see all the spit coming out of his mouth while he was speaking? A person acting like Hitler today would probably have been sent to the loony home for special treatment and happy pills, why did that not happen back then? Surely things were more crude back then, but still?... Okay, there are still some examples of screwball leaders in the world today, but in my opinion neither are of the magnitude of Hitler. And when one of them tries anything, the rest of the world acts, atleast sometimes.

    The feel of Hitler that the movie portrays, makes a distinct feeling of falseness. And questions like WTF? And what is this? soon starts popping up in your head. And you're starting to wonder how this person could go from the person he is at the end of the movie to the point where he is building up Germany's war machine and improving the infrastructure of the nation. It is said that history is written by the victors, in the case of the story in this film, this becomes sadly too apparent.

    There is still one thing that really saves this movie, the acting is really quite good, which atleast for me makes up for most of the discrepancies. All in all I think that the film is well worth the watch, but I wouldn't put too much trust into all the "historical" details, or the constant subliminal hints of what they were.

  • Amnesty International Uncovers Race Crimes in Russia!

    Nazism Exposed   2006-05-05 13:56 by ekran

    Amnesty International (AI) just released a report on the increase of racism and racist crimes in Russia. AI's assesment is that the situation is out of control, and that the authorities is Russia are not doing enough to stop this from evolving.

    According to a Russian authorities there were 26 murders and 366 injuries as a result of racist attacks in 2005, however many of the attacks are never reported to the police, AI says, because to the victims, the police seem to be unable to do anything about these crimes.

    AI's research also shows that there are a pattern of discrimination by officials and that people from ethnic minorities, especially those from north Caucasus and Central Asia, are exposed to human right violations by the Russian police.

    More at: and

  • Nationalism in a Vaccum!

    Nazism Exposed   2006-03-13 16:55 by ekran


    Nationalism is defined as loyalty and devotion to a nation; in most cases this would be your own country. Personally I don't see anything wrong with this, that is, people loving their own country and history. The problem begin when this is taken to the extreme, when a person is putting emphasis on his own country, such emphasis that it overshadows everyone else's.

    Surely at some point my country excelled and produced the greatest cross country skier or rally driver, and surely we have a quite good social system where people who fall off the edge of society are brought back and tendered to, but this doesn't mean that we are the best country in the world in everything. And, even if we were the best country in all aspects, something that would be quite impossible, it still does not mean that our nationality supersedes everyone else's. Acknowledging this and acknowledging the fact that even though your soccer team may have won the World Championship, it still doesn't mean that you, the person, are the worlds best soccer player, or had anything to do with bringing your team that trophy. The extreme Nationalists seems to forget this.

    So, how does extreme nationalists and nationalists differ? The answer to this is simple, as with all aspects of extremism, the extreme nationalists is recognized by them pushing everything or everyone with a different opinion away. In that aspect, they are a lot like extreme left-wingers whose main purpose is to create a society where everyone act and think as one or alike, and because of that, everything different must be repelled. A pure nationalist would not reject what is different. Secure of himself he would accept that there are other people out there, with much of the ideas that he has, though they would be running under different flags. This is basically what this is about, which flag you are waving or which soccer team you are cheering for.

    In my opinion, one of the top nationalists of all time, here in Norway that is, was Ivar Aasen. There was nothing evil about Ivar Aasen, and nobody would call him an extreme nationalist. What he did was that after Norway broke off from Denmark in 1814, the written language was still Danish. After a while a discussion arose about what our written language should be like.

    Ivar Aasen's approach to this was to travel through the country and build a language based on our various dialects, which were quite different from Danish. The other faction meant that one should take the current Danish language and change it slowly into a new Norwegian language. The result, today, is that we have 2 written languages, but that is besides the point. Ivar Aasen recognized what was Norwegian, our spoken language, and knew that the most significant symbol of a nation, is its language.

    Another nationalistic event here is the 17th of May. This is the day we got our constitution, and it is celebrated by everyone walking in the streets in a procession, shouting 'hurray!' and eating lots of ice cream and eating sausages. Basically it is a people's party where we celebrate the freedom provided by those who paved our way, and people of every nationality, religion and background celebrate this day on equal terms.

    So, what did I want with this log entry? -My point is, it is quite okay to have nationalistic feelings, being proud of your country and who you are. What is not okay is when those feelings turns into hatred of what
    is different, and when you think your nation supersedes everyone else's. We are currently writing 2006, and the time is long due for looking past nations, and recognizing ourselves for who we really are, as members of a larger community, a small part of mankind.

  • Pictures of a Prophet!

    Nazism Exposed   2006-02-14 14:16 by ekran

    I've been keeping shut for the longest time about the uproar around the Muhammad pictures being publish in Danish paper Jyllandsposten and Norwegian magazine "Magasinet", but now that it has mostly blown over I think it is time for me to voice my opinion.

    Extremism in any shape or form is bad. My main problem with extremism is that extremists does not allow for any second opinions. This is something we find in any form of extremism, whether it is extreme Islamic groups, Fundamentalist Christian, extreme nationalists or political parties who are enforcing their world view on others.

    The question I often get when stating this is if I shouldn't be perceived an extremist, carrying this view (excluding them), my answer is, no. I think people should be allowed to make up their own mind about how their universe is working, and at the same time be protected from violence and harassment because of their beliefs. Certainly when you take an extreme angle, provoking people and walking on the edge, you should expect a response, or atleast that there might be some people out there that disagree with you.

    There has been a lot of focus on these magazines right to free speech. I'm pro free speech, but I'd like to remind everyone that free speech is not an absolute. I don't think that child pornography should be allowed and I don't think that someone should be able to run into a movie theater shouting "FIRE!" when in fact there is none. I also think that there should be limitations protecting individuals from harassment. In this specific case with the magazines publishing the pictures of Muhammad, well, it is an incredibly stupid thing to do and I understand that people are protesting, but it is not an issue that can or should have been prohibited.

  • The Holocaust Myth?!?!

    Nazism Exposed   2005-12-14 14:13 by ekran


    Ever so often I read about people claiming that the Holocaust never took place. They claim that it is a vicious lie invented by the Allies and/or the Jewish community to discredit the Nazi regime. This, despite the fact that it is well documented historical fact and something thousands of survivors have given first hand witness reports on.

    Today I found in the newspaper that the President of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has uttered, that the killing of 6 million Jews during the Holocaust is something he would not recognize as a fact, " a myth" he calls it. Neo-Nazis and Arab extremists have something in common, their utter hatred for the state of Israel. The Neo-Nazis agenda is to eradicate the Holocaust from the history books because that's the only way they think they can restore their reputation and return to power. The Arabs just want to discredit Jews and gain acknowledgement from the rest of the world.

    Personally, I think that the way to combat this denial of history, is by spreading knowledge about it further, into educational plans in schools and making it part of history, ethics or philosophy classes. In Norway we are sending busses filled with young pupils to Auschwitz, to learn more about history at where it took place.

    Another thing we do is meeting the arguments of these "revisionist" with historical facts, not silence. I think that the worst thing we can do is letting these individuals dwell on their believes and building up a consistent support within the general population. This take time, money and effort, but in the end it will pay off.

    We need to learn from our historical mistakes, or we will be reliving them, something that which we really can't afford, especially with all the global challenges we have currently unsolved.

  • Norwegian Flags Used as Nazi Symbols [ NEWS/COMMENTARY ]

    Nazism Exposed   2005-09-12 17:16 by ekran

    Today in the web-edition of one of our national newspapers, Dagbladet, you can read about how NeoNazis across Europe are using the Norwegian flag as a symbol in their propaganda/effect-ware. The Norwegian flag is used in conjunction with elements as the Norwegian national symbol, the lion, and city/county names like Tĝnsberg, Hammerfest, Narvik and Nordland. The clothes are signed by design company "Thor Steinar Uniforms," and they have become quite popular among European Neo Nazis.

    Now, there is no doubt that symbols and symbolism are important for the right extremist groups, but why do they always have to steal symbols from elsewhere? This is not something new, as they've stolen most of the symbols they are using from elsewhere. Even the main symbol of Nazi-Germany, the Swastika was stolen from somewhere else. Part of the answer is because they, very much like any other religion, want something to worship and relate to. Swastikas and Nordic runes also links them to their "herritage." This pose a problem for the true Odinist who doesn't share the Neo Nazis views.

    Germany are extremely strict when it comes to nazi-symbols, which they have totally banned the use of. This is why the effect providers are looking at other symbols and ways of routing around the ban of these symbols. How they are managing to link a Norwegian flag with Nazi symbols is beyond me, but I guess it has something to do with said "herritage".

    There are international conventions which clearly prohibits this kind of misuse of national symbols, but I doubt "Thor Steinar" has read those. In any case, Norwegian UD (Department of Foreign Affairs) - are currently looking into this, and they've already contacted the Norwegian embassy in Berlin who are following up on this.

    And finally I'd like to give the Neo Nazis a tip. Stop stealing symbols from others, it is not nice, and nobody really wants to be associated with you. I suggest you find a more fitting symbol, something like a duck or something. Paint it gray, to symbol your boring thoughts, and put a yellow frame around it so people can see it better.

  • The Consequences of Extremism [ COMMENTARY ]

    Nazism Exposed   2005-07-08 12:30 by ekran

    Yesterday morning we were yet again reminded of what the path of hate leads to. Early in the morning, several bombs were set off in London, cripling public commutes and causing hundreds of casualties. Yet again the world halts in shock, watching the images of debris floating across the screen with eye witnesses and news hungry reporters clogging the view.

    In the aftermath we ask ourselves, why is this happening? And I've observed that many are eagerly pointing their fingers at Islamic fundamentalists, proclaiming that all Muslims should be put on the next flight out of the country. The observation is this, one extremist Muslim is causing havoc, so they must all be criminals, or atleast that's how I perceive some of the writers on various webforums around the net today.

    This way of generalization is not new, but something which I've seen often uttered within extreme groups or by people sharing their views. Someone belonging to group X are doing Y, which is concluded with everyone from group X is doing Y. The fact that one or more people from group X is not doing Y, is ignored. Anyone with a brain larger than a pea would see why this theorem fails.

    The question which remains is still, what do those extremists want? I really think that, except for a place on the martyr roster, what they really want, is conflict. Every extremists wet dream is to be able to take to arms and go to war and even die for what they believe in. What these extremists are currently doing is create a general fear among the Western population of people with origin in Middle-Eastern countries. And it's sad to say, but apparently it is working. Atleast Bush and Blair seems very afraid, spending billions upon billions of tax payers money to combat terrorism.

    By creating this fear the fundamentalists are creating two distinct factions, us and them. And by acting the way they do, they create negative responses from the West. The result is more recruits for them, and an escalation of the conflict.

    To me an extremist is an extremist. It doesn't matter if it is a Neo Nazi with an incite to maim, a fundamentalist who kills in the name of Islam or an extremist Jew who thinks the earth belongs to him. Extremism, in any shape or form is wrong!

    By the way, here is an interresting blog covering the London Attack

  • Sober-Attack From The Far Right! [ NEWS ]

    Nazism Exposed   2005-05-18 11:17 by ekran

    German Nazis are using a mutated version of the Sober worm to spread Nazi propaganda on the Internet. A little over a year ago, Nazis were sending out mass-email using the Sober.g-worm, but this time they are using a mutated version of this worm.

    The letters content varies with subjects like, "Türkei in die EU", "Gegen das Vergessen", "Blutige Selbsjustiz", "The Whore Lived Like a German", "Dresden Bombing Is To Be Regretted Enormously". The subjects are both in German and English.

    The Nazis has used a mutation of the Sober-worm, called Sober.p. The worm is sending the nazi-propaganda to email addresses found on infected machines. In other words, the sender address is a fake, and may not be an infected system.

    Personally I can't believe there are still people out there who hasn't learned yet, and are still running system that aren't patched up and secure. You all need to keep your computers and anti-virus definition file updated!

    Source: IT Avisen (Norwegian)

  • Norwegians labeled as "Sons of Satan." [ NEWS ]

    Nazism Exposed   2005-04-19 12:57 by ekran

    Norwegian Antiracist center (Antirasistisk Senter) has, for the first time in history, filed a complaint to the police about an immigrant who have written a book called "Son of Satan" containing profanities and racist remarks against Norwegians. Leader, Nadeem Butt, thinks utterence like these contributes in spreading hate and fear between Muslims and non-Muslims.

    The book states among other things:

    - "Listen, these friends of the Devil doesn't even know their own children. They don't know if the child is their own or not. They are not real children. They are just conceived here and there."
    - "This barbarian, this poisonous snake has poisoned mandkind. This white man has started his evil spiral in the whole world, he has done this to torment mankind."
    - "The white inconsiderate, trickster and swine-eating assholes must be punished in such a severe manner that the coming generations will remember it."

    In the book there is also an example about an elderly woman walking the streets of Oslo:

    "An old woman aged 80-85 years were walking on the street. White elders here are walking around the streets even up until they are 100 years old, this they do because they have fed themselves with swine meat. Which is why Satan is part of their bone structure. This old woman then meets a young man who are in his 20ties. He asks, 'How are you mom?' The woman then responds, 'I am fine, but who are you?' whereupon the man answer,'I am your youngest son.'"

    Three Muslims in the Oslo city council has read the book and they all react in disgust:

    "I cannot accept this author and the way he pretends to talk on behalf of Muslims and Pakistani. The book's content is ridiculous and far fetched, but at the same time so severe that it must be stopped from being spread," says Kamil Azhar from the Norwegian Labor Party.

    Akhtar Chaudry representing Norwegian Socialist Party says, "I do not want a society where white people are focusing on black racism, and where black are focusing on white racism. Racism is racism, and we have a responsibility to fight it together."

    The author himself remains anonymous, although there are speculations that he might be a Mullah or a religous leader. The book were published by the unregistered organization All Pakistan Muslim Society.

    Source:VG Online[ Norwegian ]

  • Apartheid Party Bows Out With Apology. [ NEWS]

    Nazism Exposed   2005-04-11 15:50 by ekran

    The party which introduced apartheid and enforced racial segregation in South Africa for nearly 50 years disbanded and apologised for its racist policies yesterday, after an attempt to reinvent itself failed.

    Read more from The Guardian.

  • Sweden: Immigrants are Prosecuted More Often! [ NEWS ]

    Nazism Exposed   2005-03-14 13:35 by ekran

    A new report presented by professor Christian Diesen shows that immigrants in Sweden are treated more harshly by their justice system. Immigrants are more often prosecuted, they are more often sentenced, they get longer sentences and they are treated worse when serving their sentence. Experience has shown that it's easier to "put away" an immigrant, which is why the police in some cases will find it easier to follow up on these cases, and bring them to the court.

    The main focus of the report is whether the legal system acts equally for everyone. The questions is, will a person get the same treatment whether he is a big company director or if he is unemployed, and will it be the same whether the person is male, female or if he or she is an immigrant?

    The report, which among other things are based on more than 50 exams at the Stockholm University's Justice Department, claims that women are more perceived as a victim of the circumstances than men. And if you compare offenders from different layers in the social hierarchy, you'll find that the sentences are about the same.

    The question whether immigrants are committing more crimes than Swedes in the same social layer is ignored, since this is not something that can be proved or disproved. What this report on the other hand does show is that immigrants are more likely to be prosecuted and sentenced, and when they are sentenced, they get longer and a harsher sentences for the same offence.

    Reference: Dagens Nyheter [ In Swedish! ]

  • Norway: Antiracist Center Sues Over Reader's Letter!

    Nazism Exposed   2005-03-09 15:11 by ekran

    Antirasistisk Senter (Antiracist Center) has reported the Norwegian newspaper Nordlys to the police for publishing a reader's letter containing hatred against Jews and an uttered desire to complete the Holocaust. The reader's letter were printed in Nordlys 7th of Mars, where the author writes (translated):

    "When you look at what genocide, discrimination and lies the state Israel and the Jews are currently engaged into, I really hope God doesn't allow for another failure like the Holocaust. Next time we need to take out the whole bunch!"

    Today the editor of the column Amundsen, regrets publishing the letter with a note stating that publishing it was a mistake. Antirasistisk Senter however are not withdrawing the suit claiming that the published letter are too severe not to be treated by the police and PFU (PFU is a group under Norsk Presseforbund - Norwegian Press Association.)

    Source: Aftenposten, Antirasistisk Senter and Nordlys (All in Norwegian.)

  • Der Untergang! [ REVIEW ]

    Nazism Exposed   2005-03-07 13:38 by ekran

    Der Untergang is the story surrounding the events of the last days before Soviet forces reaches Hitler's bunker in Berlin. The film is truthful to history, being mostly based on Hitler's secretary Traudl Junge's first hand experiences.

    The movie, for once, portray the Nazi leaders as humans rather than Third Reich monsters, this is also what has made it somewhat controversial. It has received criticism claiming that it raises nationalism by showing these leader's human sides. My personal opinion on this subject is that this is absolutely rubbish. The movie clearly hints at Hitler's insanity when he talks about imaginary forces rushing in to save the day at any time. The tense atmosphere in the bunker and the escape from reality parties held while Berlin is being bombarded.

    The film leaves no doubt about it, it is the downfall of nationalism and the leadership who either escapes, becomes captured prisoners by the Soviet forces or commits suicide. At the end the viewer is left appalled by the whole scenario, portrayed through utterly realistic war scenes and a cast which really does an impressive job acting. The movie is a definite must see for anyone interrested in history, my personal verdict is 8 out of 10 points.

  • No Ban on Swastika within EU! [ NEWS ]

    Nazism Exposed   2005-02-25 11:33 by ekran

    The European Union justice and interior ministers has shelved proposals to ban the use of Nazi symbols after failing to agree that it would help fight racism and anti-Semitism. Britain, Denmark, Hungary and Italy voiced concerns that the ban of these symbols would curb freedom of speech and expression.

    Luxenbourg's Justice Minister Luc Frieden's proposal was to outlaw displaying symbols inciting hatred and violence. German's Justice Minister Brigitte Zypries said the goal of any ban on use of Nazi symbols should only be applied for fighting neo-Nazism. EU spokesman Roscam Abbing said that each country has their own past and histories, and that it would be inappropriate to bane all use of symbols like the swastika, especially in teaching history in schools and its use in movies.

    Source: The Washington Times and Interantional Herald Tribune

  • Iranian Held for Questioning Outside US Embassy in Norway![NEWS]

    Nazism Exposed   2005-02-16 13:09 by ekran

    23 year old Aso from Iran was abruptly stopped by an armed police outside the US embassy as he was walking to the train station. He was on his way to work, and used this route as it is a shortcut to the local train station. Aso prefers to stay anonymous in fear of retributions from the police, the embassy or being taken for a criminal or a terroist if people recognize him on the street.

    The police's reason for stopping Aso was simple, he had walked past the building before and they claimed he had whistled to the guards. Aso claims this is not true, he had been using that path to get to the train station for the past few days because it was faster than his old route, but he had never whistled to the guards.

    - "Is it because I have a beard? Is it because I am a Muslim? I didn't even try to enter the embassy, I just walked past it on the street. I have got nothing against the USA or the police," he says in despair.

    The police woman stopping him suggested that he use a different station further away from the embassy, holding him for questioning outside the embassy for an hour while people were rushing by looking curious at the whole incident.

    Source: VG (Norwegian)

  • Extreme Nationalist Wants to Attend Journalist Conference![NEWS]

    Nazism Exposed   2005-02-08 11:45 by ekran

    Editor Alexander Kristoffersen of the right extremist magazine Nasjonal Motstand has applied to participate on the SKUP-conference in Oslo in April. SKUP - The Norwegian foundation for investigative journalism, is a foundation established in 1990, dedicated to promoting investigative journalism in Norway. Alexander Kristoffersen wants to attend this conference to learn more about investigative journalism.

    Nasjonal Motstand is published by Den Norske motstandsbevegelsen which is a spin off from Norwegian Boot Boys. An organization which has been involved in several violent clashes. There are also claims that the organization has used journalistic methods to map people who doesn't share their world view, including other journalists. SKUP-Leader Kjetil Stormark says to TV2 that this is an exceptional application which is why they've called in an extraordinary board meeting that will process the application on Tuesday.

    Source: Dagbladet (Norwegian)

  • Welcome to the New Nazism Exposed Site!

    Nazism Exposed   2002-11-29 22:45 by ekran

    Welcome to the new Nazism Exposed page. After running this page for over 8 years I thought it was about time it had a makeover. This is its new layout, hope you like it.

    The most significant changes you'll see here is the implementation of a CMS which allows my helpers to add and remove content on the fly without having to rely on mailing me the changes. This new system also has a blog/news functionality which will be used instead of the old 'news' section.

    We are still adding and updating a lot of content here. A new editor is currently working on the history section and I myself are planning a larger report on the work here.